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The Finest in LTL Service.

For over 40 years, R+L Carriers has offered fast, friendly, and affordable LTL service.

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Global transportation solutions.

R+L now provides many global transportation solutions to better serve you.

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Discounted truckload services.

R+L offers truckload services on shipments 22,000 pounds or greater.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logistics can be complicated. Finding the information you need shouldn’t be...
Here are frequently asked questions, all in one convenient place.

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What is your service area?

R+L Global Services is an international transportation provider with the ability to ship freight anywhere around the globe. View our coverage area for more details.

What are your transit times?

We use the following mileage guideline in determining transit times: under 500 miles delivered next day, under 1000 miles delivered in two days, and under 1500 miles delivered in three days.

What is your claims ratio and how long does it take to settle a claim?

Our current claims ratio is less than 1% and all claims are settled within 30 days providing all information is complete. For more information or to file a cargo claim, please visit our Cargo Claims page.

What is R+L Global Services' Quality Control Program?

R+L Global has a team of quality control people that travel to each service center within the company's service area. These individuals have many years of experience in the motor carrier industry. Their main function is training and teaching freight handling procedures, while looking for ways to improve service to the customer. See our Quality Program page for more information.

What is R+L Global's operating ratio?

R+L has produced a sound financial history continuously operating in the 80s.

What are R+L's expansion plans?

R+L Global Services will continue to expand at a controlled growth rate, in order to preserve our superior service and maintain our sound financial standing. Read our latest news and updates to learn more.

How do R+L base rates compare to their competitors?

R+L's rates were designed to be competitive in the market place. In fact, R+L has published blanket discounts for all customers to enjoy. Contact your local Sales Representative to discuss a program designed for your needs, or get a rate quote instantly.

What is the latest I can call for a pickup?

Pickup times vary from location to location depending on linehaul schedules. Contact your local service center or Sales Representative. You can also fill out a pickup request to get accurate times for your area.

Where are your service centers located?

You can look up service center locations in our Coverage section.

How can I get a rate quote?

Rate quotes can be obtained instantly online or from the Traffic Departments in Wilmington, Ohio; Lakeland, Florida; or Greenville, South Carolina. You can also fill out an online form to receive a Rate CD by mail.

What are some of the value-added services that make R+L superior to my present carrier?

R+L is among the leaders in the industry providing superior on-time performance. In fact, 98% of our deliveries arrive on time, and 99.6% arrive exception-free. We also offer appointment setting, hazmat services, in-cab scanning technology, freeze protection and thermal blanket wrap, and more. All linehaul trailers have logistic load bars for reduced damage potential. Learn more about our value-added services.

Do you provide truckload service?

Yes! R+L offers LTL, truckload, and global shipping solutions. Learn more about our truckload service.

What is MyRLC and how does it differ from R+L Eway?

MyRLC is a private and secure section that R+L Carriers Services has designed exclusively for its customers. MyRLC hosts a number of online tools you can customize to help you do business more efficiently. You do not have to be an R+L customer to use the basic shipping tools in R+L Eway.

How do I begin using MyRLC?

In order to keep your information secure when using MyRLC, our system requires you to login using a user ID and password. To obtain a user ID and password call 1-800-543-5589.

How can I trace a shipment?

You can trace a shipment by typing in your shipment's PRO Number into the Shipment Tracing dropdown box located on the upper-right hand side of almost all of the pages on our website. To trace multiple PRO Numbers, use our full-featured tool.

Where can I find instructions on how to fill out a Bill of Lading?

See our step-by-step shipping guide for instructions and an outline on how to fill out a Bill of Lading.

For more help on shipping with R+L, contact us.

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