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Hazardous Materials Checklist

Use this HazMat checklist for an easy to read list of information needed when shipping hazardous materials. It's very important to stay compliant when shipping hazardous materials. Each description of a hazardous material must be in sequential order. Abbreviations are prohibited except for packaging type, quantity, or Limited Quantity (LTD QTY). Emergency response information must accompany shipment. Hazardous substances - the letters "RQ" are required before or after basic description.

Each description of a hazardous material must be in sequential order (items 3, 4, 5 and 6 or 5, 3, 4, and 6 from checklist). "RQ" may be substituted for an "x" in HM column. This checklist is provided to assist in your preparation of compliant hazardous material Bill of Ladings.

Shipping Papers: Shipper Responsibility
  • Shipper name and address
  • Consignee name and address
  • Proper Shipping Name (per CFR49, 172.101 Hazardous Material Table)
  • Hazard Class/Division
  • Hazard Identification Number (example: UN1263 or NA1760)
  • Packing Group (I, II, III)
  • Piece Count and Package Type
  • List Hazmat Items First
  • Emergency Response Phone Number
  • Shippers Certification
  • Emergency Contact Name (DOT HM-206F)
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number (DOT HM-206F)
Package Marking: Shipper Responsibility
Package must show proper shipping name; hazard identification number; and name and address of shipper or consignee. Markings must be durable; in English; printed or affixed to packaging; and in contrasting color, unobscured and away from other markings.
Placards: Shipper Responsibility
Placards must be provided for all hazardous material shipments. They must be in good condition.
Labels: Shipper Responsibility
Labels must be securely affixed to package near proper shipping name and unobscured and away from any other markings. Labels must represent the hazard class of the product being shipped. Multiple labels are required in special cases including "Toxic by Inhalation". No labels are required for "Limited Quantity" shipments except Class 6 (Poisons).
For more information please contact:
  • FHWA (Federal Highway Administration)
    Hazardous Material Hotline: 202.366.4488.
  • NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors)
  • PHMSA (Pipeline or Hazardous Material Safety Administration)
    Hazardous Material Hotline: 800.467.4922

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